A French Drain May be the Solution for Your Home

During our rainy season, do you have standing water on your property?

We can help!!

At Mike’s Pump, we specialize in drains. Sometimes it’s as simple as using perforated pipe and redirecting the water out of the area or installing a Submersible pump and drain box to pump the water and move it to a another area.

French drains are created by digging a trench, burying a perforated pipe, which is then covered with gravel or rock, to redirect surface and groundwater away from an area (such as your home). Water seeps into the pipe and is then harmlessly routed to another area of the yard. This type of drainage system is used primarily to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging building foundations. Protect your precious investment, your home by letting Mike's team recommend the best drainage solution for your lawn.

We use only quality products.

We install our heads on "flex pipe" - it provides a cushion between the head and the underground pipe and helps prevent pipe breakage.

We use only Goulds pumps - the quality shows in the guarantee.

Mike custom designs all the installations and has extensive experience designing all sizes of irrigation systems. 

Mike's Pump offers a 1-year warranty on all irrigation and drainage systems.